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Fuse Custom Series Sights with Exclusive Shock Rod Technology


Blade™ XT Quick-Disconnect Quiver

The Fuse Blade quiver is a lightweight, rock-solid quick-disconnect quiver that fits tight to your bow for optimum balance and stability. An optional extension bracket is included to provide clearance for adjustable slider sights, or to change the balance point of the quiver for a custom feel and set up. The Blade easily converts from RH to LH, is available in both a 4– and 6–arrow configuration and comes standard in Realtree Edge or Blackout.

  • Lightweight Machined Aluminum Construction
  • Durable Hook for Silent Hanging in Your Tree Stand
  • Double Gripper Design Secures Arrow Tightly
  • Rock-Solid, Silent Quick-Detach Mounting System
  • Optional Extension Bracket for Obtaining Clearance with Slider Sights (Included)
  • Grippers Secure Both Small and Large Diameter Arrows